• Thunderstorms at 37,000′

    Thunderstorms at 37,000′

    Thunderstorms can reach much higher than the maximum cruising altitude of an aircraft. They come with dangerous up and down drafts and turbulence and must be avoided at all times.

  • BLOG: Northern Lights

    BLOG: Northern Lights

    On March 8th 2012 I did a Delivery Flight from Boeing Field, Seattle to the UK. During that night the earth got “hit” by the largest solar storm in over 5 years. It was an incredible impressive view while we passed through the most Northern part of Canada during that night. […]

  • Corfu, Greece

    Corfu, Greece

    Another turning departure means flying overhead the airport during the initial climb-out, giving you a good view of the airport and surrounding area.    

  • Funchal, Madeira

    Funchal, Madeira

    Overflying the wind turbines at low altitude during our approach onto runway 23 while crossing the VOR.   Finals runway 23. A day without wind as shown by a calm and flat sea, very unusual for Funchal.   A picture of the shadow of our aircraft, a B737-800 with winglets. […]

  • Venice


    The departure from Venice meant that we did a climbing turn right above the city. It was a beautiful sunny day and a departure to remember.

  • Sky on fire

    Sky on fire

    On the 27th July 2006 we witnessed an incredible sunset during our departure from Amsterdam back to the UK. It really caught us by surprise once we climbed above a cloud layer and it looked like the sky was on fire.

  • Sunset


    Sunset from 37.000′. We had a beautiful sunset during our return flight from Greece to London Gatwick. The great thing about flying Westbound during the evening is that the sunset will last several hours as you are “chasing” the sun.

  • Boeing Field, Seattle [BFI/KBFI]

    Boeing Field, Seattle [BFI/KBFI]

    Ready for takeoff! A great view of Mount Rainier in the distance as we are getting ready for takeoff of runway 13R from Boeing Field for the Delivery Flight of a brand new B737-800 to our airline in the UK. The flight home would take just less than 9hrs. Boeing Field, […]

  • Night landing London Gatwick

    Night landing London Gatwick

    Short final LGW rwy26L. Almost home…….. After a 4hr flight back from Dalaman, Turkey we are just about to touch down on runway 26L. London Gatwick, UK [LGW/EGKK]


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