• Sunset through the Gatwick passenger bridge

    Sunset through the Gatwick passenger bridge

    An amazing sunset through the passenger bridge at London Gatwick’s North terminal.

  • London Gatwick, UK [LGW/EGKK]

    London Gatwick, UK [LGW/EGKK]

    Gatwick runway 26L with two rainbows clearly visible after a heavy rain shower passed through.

  • Dusk over the UK coast

    Dusk over the UK coast

    Dusk over Eastbourne, UK.

  • Samos, Greece [SMI/LGSM]

    Samos, Greece [SMI/LGSM]

    Take-off view of runway 09 at Samos.

  • Crossing traffic: A380

    Crossing traffic: A380

    During the cruise, while on our way to Tenerife, we had this Air France A380 cross 2000′ overhead. Very impressive sight!  

  • Contrails


    Above is a photo of what looks like a very busy morning showing many contrails over Belgium during our Easterly departure from London Gatwick. Below are some random photos of contrails taken somewhere enroute.              

  • Chambery, France [CMF/LFLB]

    Chambery, France [CMF/LFLB]

    Take-off view of runway 36 at Chambery, France. This is one of our ski destinations during the winter. The airport is located in a valley in the Alps. This view clearly shows the high terrain that surrounds the airport and contributes to a 4.5 degree glide slope on the ILS. […]

  • Dusk


    A magnificent view of dusk settling over the Atlantic while we were flying back to the UK.

  • BLOG: French ATC strike

    BLOG: French ATC strike

    Well, it was going to be one of those days….. The scheduled flight was a night flight from Gatwick to Palma de Mallorca and back again in a B737. A flight like that gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy a day at home. Check-in was not until 9pm and the First Officer […]



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