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  • Salzburg, Austria

    Salzburg, Austria

    Early morning arrival into Salzburg during one of our many ski flights during the winter months.

  • Rhodes International Airport

    Rhodes International Airport

    Short final RWY25 into Rhodes International Airport [RHO/LGRO] after a flight from London Gatwick.   Passing Rhodes town while turning finals for RWY25.

  • Porto Santo from 37,000′

    Porto Santo from 37,000′

    Overflying the island of Porto Santo enroute to the Canary Islands. PXO/LPPS is the usual 1st alternate airport for Funchal, Madeira. It is, however, a very small airport with limited parking on the apron so it is very common to fill up quickly when FNC is below minima. It might be […]

  • Corfu, Greece

    Corfu, Greece

    Another turning departure means flying overhead the airport during the initial climb-out, giving you a good view of the airport and surrounding area.    

  • Funchal, Madeira

    Funchal, Madeira

    Overflying the wind turbines at low altitude during our approach onto runway 23 while crossing the VOR.   Finals runway 23. A day without wind as shown by a calm and flat sea, very unusual for Funchal.   A picture of the shadow of our aircraft, a B737-800 with winglets. […]

  • Night landing London Gatwick

    Night landing London Gatwick

    Short final LGW rwy26L. Almost home…….. After a 4hr flight back from Dalaman, Turkey we are just about to touch down on runway 26L. London Gatwick, UK [LGW/EGKK]



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