Category: Clouds

  • Cold front

    Cold front

    This summers day is about to get very wet with the arrival of a cold front.

  • Cloud Surfing

    Cloud Surfing

    Nothing beats skimming over the top of the clouds at 500mph!

  • “Flying between layers”

    “Flying between layers”

    Great view while climbing to our cruising level.

  • Cb’s over Croatia.

    Cb’s over Croatia.

    Cb’s in the distance over Croatia.

  • Sunset through the clouds

    Sunset through the clouds

    Sunset through the clouds

  • Contrails


    Above is a photo of what looks like a very busy morning showing many contrails over Belgium during our Easterly departure from London Gatwick. Below are some random photos of contrails taken somewhere enroute.              

  • Dusk


    A magnificent view of dusk settling over the Atlantic while we were flying back to the UK.

  • Thunderstorms at 37,000′

    Thunderstorms at 37,000′

    Thunderstorms can reach much higher than the maximum cruising altitude of an aircraft. They come with dangerous up and down drafts and turbulence and must be avoided at all times.

  • Sky on fire

    Sky on fire

    On the 27th July 2006 we witnessed an incredible sunset during our departure from Amsterdam back to the UK. It really caught us by surprise once we climbed above a cloud layer and it looked like the sky was on fire.



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