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  • Blinded by the sun

    Blinded by the sun

    Our winglet slices through the blinding sun.

  • Early morning start

    Early morning start

    Sunrise over London Gatwick during the early morning rush hour with some fog patches around.

  • Sunset at 37,000′

    Sunset at 37,000′

    Enroute to the Canary Islands.

  • Beachy Head, UK

    Beachy Head, UK

    The reward for an early start are the most amazing sunrises like this one over the South of the UK during our departure from Gatwick.

  • “Curving Earth”

    “Curving Earth”

    The earth’s curvature is clearly visible during this gorgeous sunset as seen from 41,000′.

  • Sunset through the clouds

    Sunset through the clouds

    Sunset through the clouds

  • Dusk over the UK coast

    Dusk over the UK coast

    Dusk over Eastbourne, UK.

  • Dusk


    A magnificent view of dusk settling over the Atlantic while we were flying back to the UK.

  • Sky on fire

    Sky on fire

    On the 27th July 2006 we witnessed an incredible sunset during our departure from Amsterdam back to the UK. It really caught us by surprise once we climbed above a cloud layer and it looked like the sky was on fire.



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