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  • Cold front

    Cold front

    This summers day is about to get very wet with the arrival of a cold front.

  • Beachy Head, UK

    Beachy Head, UK

    The reward for an early start are the most amazing sunrises like this one over the South of the UK during our departure from Gatwick.

  • Egypt


    The landscape of Egypt is pretty impressive when seen from above. Views are ranging from deserts, to cities, to seas, to fierce mountains and to the most amazing “carvings” in the landscape due to sand erosion.                             […]

  • Porto Santo from 37,000′

    Porto Santo from 37,000′

    Overflying the island of Porto Santo enroute to the Canary Islands. PXO/LPPS is the usual 1st alternate airport for Funchal, Madeira. It is, however, a very small airport with limited parking on the apron so it is very¬†common to fill up quickly when FNC is below minima. It might be […]

  • Funchal, Madeira

    Funchal, Madeira

    Overflying the wind turbines at low altitude during our approach onto runway 23 while crossing the VOR.   Finals runway 23. A day without wind as shown by a calm and flat sea, very unusual for Funchal.   A picture of the shadow of our aircraft, a B737-800 with winglets. […]



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