• Crossing traffic: A380
  • Dusk
  • Corfu, Greece
  • Sky on fire
  • Sunset
  • Boeing Field, Seattle [BFI/KBFI]
  • Night landing London Gatwick
  • Blinded by the sun

    Blinded by the sun

    Our winglet slices through the blinding sun.

  • Ghostly appearance

    Ghostly appearance

    A thin layer of thick fog creates a spooky scene with aircraft “appearing” out of nowhere.

  • Early morning start

    Early morning start

    Sunrise over London Gatwick during the early morning rush hour with some fog patches around.

  • Sunset at 37,000′

    Sunset at 37,000′

    Enroute to the Canary Islands.

  • Cold front

    Cold front

    This summers day is about to get very wet with the arrival of a cold front.

  • Salzburg, Austria

    Salzburg, Austria

    Early morning arrival into Salzburg during one of our many ski flights during the winter months.

  • Beachy Head, UK

    Beachy Head, UK

    The reward for an early start are the most amazing sunrises like this one over the South of the UK during our departure from Gatwick.

  • Cloud Surfing

    Cloud Surfing

    Nothing beats skimming over the top of the clouds at 500mph!

  • Paris by night

    Paris by night

    Approaching Paris at 38,000′. What a beautiful clear night it turned out to be.



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